Javier Muñoz

Placed at Velázquez, 158 (Madrid), the showroom transmits the firm's style. Javier Muñoz, who is considered to be the "genius of mixtures", is constantly combining innovation and tradition in what he calls "Neo-traditionalism". He adores mixtures. He is very fond of mixing "newness" and "oldness", "pureness" and "expensiveness"; "poor" and "rich" supplies, "dramatic" and "simple" or "ethno" and "techno".

He is the best one introducing industrial design and vintage furniture. He uses "unique" pieces from well-known 19th Century "designers"; "polychromatic antiquities" from the 18th and 19th Centuries; and pieces of furniture made by French designers from the 1940s and 1950s.

All of which results in a style crowned with a rich, transparent and up-to-date atmosphere. His works are both solid and everlasting, which is why he is considered one of Spain's best professionals of our times. He believes his father and David Hicks to have been his great masters.

Furniture drawn and designed by Javier Muñoz's team